Intercultural dating relationships

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The interrelationships of parts qualify the joint behavior of members of a system in accordance with the purpose of the system" (B&B, p. Thus, the difference between a mound of ants and a pile of sand is that one has a purpose and works towards that purpose. Sometimes, someone (such as a counselor) has to recalibrate the system, help it to find a new set of rules for feedback because the old rules are not workingin fact, they might be creating the problem.The second level, transformation one, looks at what happens when relationships begin to form (from stranger through acquaintance, on to the development of a relationship)--this would be the development stage.culture, intercultural dating could occur between any two people with group-based differences in values, norms, beliefs, role expectations, and so on, even if these are between regions, urban-rural, between social classes, religions, or even families. So also, if any relationship can be intercultural, than intercultural ceases to be a worthwhile term to discuss relationships.A dyad (or couple) is made up of two individuals with their own goals, strategies, inputs, outputs. The couple itself makes up part of a larger system (a family, an organization, a society)., 1982, p. "One of the tasks of a system, if it is to remain 'alive,' is to stay in balance, or hold its own.It must do this by sensing deviations from the norm and correcting those 'faults'" (Littlejohn, 1989, p. It is the failure to correct faults that leads to entropy and disintegration of the system.Change and stability are constantly balanced (to meet the goal of the system).Behaviors which encourage balance are called because your grades have dropped from their usual standing (that is, she seeks to keep the system from changing), this is negative feedback.In a cybernetic system, there is an agency (person or organization) with a goal.

Hierarchy suggests each system is composed of smaller systems (subsystems) and makes up a part of some larger system ().

In the first, real value, communication, behavior, and other differences exist between the partners.

In the second, the differences are more perceivedthat is, intergroup dating occurs when the perception of in-groups and out-groups (along with prejudice and stereotypes) is a primary issue, whether or not real differences in values, communication, or behavior exist.

One writer says that everyone who dates , even if you date the boy (or girl) next door. Still, it is good to notice that even if we are dating someone who seems to look and sound the same as us, she or he still might have cultural influences; even families seem to develop their own cultures (with a small c; Dodd & Baldwin, 2002).

Perhaps the relationship is intercultural when the cultural differences are strong enough to influence the relationship in some way (Samovar & Porter, 1991).

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