Intellect and online dating

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The gesture signals an offering to the deceased in East Asian cultures. In Latvia, it was reported that a man was shot dead for eating his popcorn too loudly during a screening of Black Swan. Some cinemas have installed night vision cameras to spot film pirates recording the screening. Also did you know that the IMAX have scanners at the door to detect camera equipment? The screen is approximately eight storeys high and covers an area of more than 1,015 square metres – roughly the size of an Olympic swimming pool.I’ll readily admit that I’d f*ck someone ugly if he were super smart. I don’t even care if he's an assh*le, as long as he's smart AF. It means you literally are attracted to intelligence. When you think about it, why shouldn’t the brain be the thing we’re attracted to? For some, foreplay is a little heavy petting, but not for the sapiosexuals of the world!Other creatures engage in the odd spot of silent dancing.For example the Blue-footed Booby and Whooping Crane strut their stuff when courting. One of the most popular dishes in Britain is the Chicken Tikka Masala.And even the humble bee dances to inform other bees about a good source of pollen. The creamy, orange-coloured curry accounts for one in seven curries in the UK and was hailed as ‘a true British national dish’ by former foreign secretary Robin Cook. If you win the lottery you might want to take your date to the Aragawa in Tokyo – the most expensive restaurant in the world.A meal for two in this exclusive establishment will set you back around £500.

While the research shows the amount of sex you’re having may be inversely related to your intelligence, your sex drive is actually more rigorous. Since we’re constantly faulted for our love of selfies, Instagram and partying, we’ve started to push back against the backlash. We aren’t wrapped up in our gym selfies and food pictures; we’re wrapped up in Steinbeck and Socrates.

Those with higher IQs directly correlated with having healthy sperm. Women are attracted to intelligence because their ovaries can sense that choosing a smart mate means a better chance of having babies.

Women are all about getting the best sperm to make their babies. If you like his brain, you’re going to like his sperm.

You’re all set to impress your date but when the moment comes to speak, your mind goes blank.

Having some general knowledge in the locker could be the perfect remedy for even the worst cases of brain freeze.

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