Infobox book image param needs updating

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I plan to do exports for things not mentioned yet, frz is working on the passives.

The idea is to have things with a regular name appear on the main name space.

Also at this point another thanks to GGG who pointed out what compressing is being used :) --Omega K2 (t|c) , 19 August 2016 (UTC) Hey, currently we have Two-Stone Ring (ruby and sapphire) (named after 2d art features) Two-Toned Boots (red and blue) (named after 2d art colour) Avian Twins Talisman (Fire Damage taken as Cold Damage) (named after stats) I believe this should be changed to be more uniform, I propose naming things after their stats and not their appearance.

It's also cutting a middle step, you can associate the item with the stats right away instead of going through the middle man.

I pre-generated a list of out matching mod names and flavour text names: may be incomplete, contain mods they shouldn't or the order may be incorrect. For a more detailed guide on how to set those take a loot at the docs here over at Template: Item#When_to_use_mod_id_and_mod_text Also the name of the item, the base item and the release_version need to be added. You may also need to set alternate_art_inventory_icons if there are any alternate art versions of the unique.

Please also make sure the is infront of the item template.

—Vini (t|c) , 23 August 2016 (UTC) If you've been trying to get images for the wiki from the recently, you'll probably have noticed that they are "no valid dds file".

The image files are compressed with google's brotli library.

We don't want skill names to no longer show up on search, for example. This means a lot of items, unique items, their legacy variants and more I can't think of at the moment will be out of date and very misleading all of a sudden. --Illviljan (talk) , 8 August 2016 (UTC) So basically the ranges will be officially shown as (x-y). --Omega K2 (t|c) , 23 August 2016 (UTC) The current format on the wiki is actually (x1–y1 to x2–y2), not (x1 to x2)-(y1 to y2).This is trivial for me to adjust in the mod exports and any pages that will be using the updated item template, since the mod info is fetched from the mod pages. They're (x1 to x2)-(y1 to y2) format currency, not sure if it's a good idea to change it to (x1-x2)-(y1-y2). Do we want to change to (x1 to x2)-(y1 to y2), or is there a better format?At the same time this could avoid naming conflicts pretty well.I'm currently considering the following namespaces: This is a good idea for mod and stat.

The only namespace in particular that I think we definitely need is mods.

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