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It’s clear that many see Facebook’s policy of allowing fake news because of free speech as an excuse for greed.In reality, Facebook’s execs have so much money they probably don’t care much about earning more.South Park’s intense, episode-long focus on Facebook’s fake news problems underlines the severity of the mainstream backlash.The blunt characterization of Facebook and Zuckerberg, and the direct harm fake news has on the show’s protagonists, could force the company to see its actions and explanations through the lens of the public. If you care, you should probably just watch the 22-minute episode, which was both funny and jaw-dropping in how aggressively it attacks Zuckerberg, in particular.This seems to be a dig on both Facebook’s unrelenting expansion into every area of life, and Zuckerberg’s at-times opaque public speaking style.The heroes confront Professor Chaos and Zuckerberg, and say to the CEO, “This kid is deliberately lying about us on your platform for no other reason than to cause harm. ” “Simple, he paid me .23,” Zuckerberg responds.As for the public, we must accept some of the blame for Facebook’s influence, because we allowed ourselves to become so addicted to its content and to treat it like a verified news source. Walt is madly in love/lust with a young illegal Mexican immigrant.

The line seems to reference, or at least align with, Zuckerberg’s statement about Donald Trump accusing Facebook of being “anti-Trump.” Zuckerberg responded that “Trump says Facebook is against him. Both sides are upset about ideas and content they don’t like.

It poses Mark Zuckerberg as an indecipherable bully protecting fake news spreaders for profit and says kids can’t recognize lies on the app, while blaming everyone for allowing Facebook so deep into our lives.

Meanwhile, the episode pokes fun at Netflix for greenlighting low-quality original series, and riffs on the horrible abuse of women by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

In this case, the townspeople demand police shoot Zuckerberg, or at least kick him out of town.

But the police chief asks, “Who invited Mark Zuckerberg to town in the first place?

,” and the public glumly admits “we did.” “You all should have thought harder about this before letting him into your lives,” the chief chides the town, and everyone watching South Park.

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