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I'm here to meet guys from 30 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, romance, serious relationship and networking. But looking back to the past, I've met n become friends with some amazing people thanks to this website. First of all, thanks for clicking on my picture which leads to my profile. I have been an English teacher for more than 11 years and have been a freelance translator for 6 years. Currently I'm an English teacher and a translator.She looked around the same as when she came, and left the location while paying attention to her surroundings.Sports Hochi has a possible scoop with news that actor Toma Ikuta (25) and actress Yui Ichikawa (24) may be in a relationship.So if u write a message, please put some effort in it. Past 10 o'clock on the night of August 18, Seino Nana called a taxi to the expensive apartment where Ikuta Toma lives.However, she soon falls in love with him, but Yano is still affected by the loss of his girlfriend, Nana Yamamoto.

Teaching is my passion but I need to make money as well. Who knows, maybe in the future we can be more than just friends. Just FYI, I'm NOT looking for anyone to support my financial. I love every single picture or any facts about Ikuta Toma : D .Toma has stated in recent interviews that he's currently too busy with work to have a girlfriend.So no need to worry to make conversation in English What I do in my free time? I like cooking, knitting, swimming, listening to songs, browsing internet, reading comics, watching Korean or Japanese drama (yeah, I can b melancholic too sometimes!), chatting with my friends, n playing with my cat. At first I wanna lose some weight but now I think it's a good way to relieve my stress n to keep myself healthy. Probably because I'm too busy (or people say I'm too picky )I think I deserve to be picky. I graduated from my master's degree in 2016 n plan to have another master's (if I manage to get the scholarship) next year. It's not always about romance; we can be friends first.

Nanami Takahashi, a teenage girl in her first year of high school, hopes to make new friends quickly.

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