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And these days, he’s having very mixed feelings about the book that turned him into a Christian celebrity.

So far he has received more than 300 submissions, ranging from reflective to raw.Last month the hashtag #Kiss Shame Bye became another place for people to share their stories about how the book affected them: Even some readers who have remained firmly rooted in the evangelical community have come to be critical of Harris’ approach.“For the love of Joshua Harris, just please stop,” read a magazine column last year urging Christian men to quit with the lofty “marriage material” rhetoric and just ask women out on dates already.“I just need to listen to where people are before I come out with my own thoughts. I don’t have all the answers yet.” wasn’t just a book people read; it was a book they obeyed.It prompted some people to marry the first person they dated, even if they were unhappy together; to view the opposite sex with fear and suspicion; or to be afraid of starting any relationships at all.

They have confronted the movement’s legacy online, communing about what it meant to grow up believing that even sexual thoughts must be squashed to please God.

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