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This is something Cesare has been able to do in the past, but in EXPONENTIAL it's definitely the monster that's the standout character of the book.I don't want to give too much away, but I'll say this about the creature: it's a mix of the Blob and the T-1000, a rolling, sentient mass of gelatin and bone that can manipulate itself in a variety of lethal ways.It's even got one of those great, saw-it-coming-but-still-satisfying stinger endings that are the bread-and-butter of horror flicks.

Here’s a special batch of terrifying (and not so terrifying) movies to succumb to! The Book Creeport: EXPONENTIAL Novel (2014) Retro-review: THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH (1964) Retro-review: DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT (1973) Retro-review: CLIVE BARKER’S LORD OF ILLUSIONS (1995) THE DEVICE (2014) AMERICAN BURGER (2014) THE DEVIL’S HAND (2014) CAM 2 CAM (2014) AN AMERICAN TERROR (2014) AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR (2014) Advance Review: BIND (2014) Advance Review: LIVE-IN FEAR (2014) And finally… If Adam Cesare had been born a little earlier, his work would have been a staple of the 1980s video horror boom.

Over the course of his short career, Cesare has demonstrated huge promise as a writer of horror.

EXPONENTIAL simply felt too safe to me, like a writer enjoying a cruise in his comfort zone rather than one who is continuing to push against his boundaries.

And who better to center a witchy tale around than one of the best horror actresses of all time, Barbara Steele?

Steele stars as both Helen Karnstein and her daughter Mary Karnstein, who both steal the eye of men of power which results in the mother being burned at the stake in an elaborate opening sequence centering on a maze of burning haystacks leading to a stake where the witch is burned.

Above all else, this is a beautiful movie to take in about some horrible people doing horrible things to one another.

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