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Since I didn’t wanted my body to go out of order I do almost all the household work everyday and never let my mother-in-law or my elder sister-in-law to move even a bit.At morning I would go to the local temple and then I would clean the house and make breakfast and then I washed clothes.After he had gone away I licked his cum from my bedsheet and masturbated myself.Next day, when I was washing his pants, I found a packet of condoms in that.

When I washed clothes he would be in front of me in one pretext or the other just to have a glimpse of my breasts from even under the blouse as I don’t wear any bra and also I would got myself drenched just to make out my nipples stiff and prominent.

It was my daily routine and I used to get up by 5 o’clock.

My elder brother-in-law would woke up at 7 o’clock and so by then I used to do every work and only Breakfast I would eat after every house member had eaten.

I then made a plan and started to work on it from that day onwards.

I would talk to him more often and even at times I would let my pallu of saree, or dupatta fall down so that he would also start noticing my body, which he did.

I am a 38-year-old widow, my husband passed away over 4 years ago.

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