How to stop messenger updating ang dating daan locale directory

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Facebook My Day is one such hated feature, at least by some.

Currently, Facebook Messenger Day can show up anywhere in your list of chats.

As mentioned earlier, the previous method requires root but there is another method available to those who do not have root access.

XDA Member evilwombat has created a modded version of the Facebook and Messenger applications.

No longer will you be bothered by the Messenger Day Snapchat clone and its My Day feature as we’ll be disabling it entirely in the app.

While some users might find new Messenger features to be useful, others hate the features that are forced on them.

In the hidden menu, we can start to toggle a couple of options not normally available to most users.

To actually disable Facebook Messenger Day, we need to look for and tap on the Mobile Config option from within the Facebook Messenger internal settings section.

Since evilwombat has to sign the modded APK with their own key, it causes conflicts with the other applications in the Facebook family.

Some find it sitting right at the top of the screen (even if they don’t care to use it), while others will find it tucked away between a couple of chats when they’re scrolling through them.

Many wish that Facebook would just let the end user choose if they wanted to use the My Day feature or not instead of forcing it up on them.

Today we’re excited to announce a new way to share your location in Messenger.

Our new Live Location feature makes it simple and seamless for you to choose to share where you are with your friends and family.

So what we’re doing here in this guide is surfacing a hidden menu from within the Facebook Messenger application.

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