How to celebrate dating anniversary serious dating in kenya

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A variety of chains now offer luxury reclining seats, waitstaff and up to gourmet level meals right at your side. Dinner at an unusual place like a restaurant on top of a mountain or high-rise building with a view is a grand way to mark an occasion. Talk about something you both enjoy doing, and divide the things that need to be done.If it's a trip, one of you researches hotels, flights or driving routes and costs; the other investigates restaurants, attractions and events.Is your anniversary with your sweetheart coming up?Whether you are celebrating your six-month, one year or five year, celebrating an anniversary is a wonderful way to rekindle old flames and remind each other how special your relationship is.

Even a night in together reminiscing about the things you've done can be a special way to celebrate. Find a movie theater that has a dining-in experience.

"Being married a long time is a source of pride in today's world of high divorce rates," said Susan Speetzen. 1) "We will be married 45 years in March and we celebrate every year in some fashion.

"Of course being married 30 years call for a bigger celebration than the first few years." And here are the ways in which our fans celebrate. Some years bigger than others but always with our children and grandchildren.

This year we are going to have a large family portrait done! 2) "We use it as a 'free pass' for doing something special or purchasing something to spoil ourselves to honor another year properly -- and to add to our memories.

Depends on the year but we sometimes get the kids together for a cruise, a trip to Hawaii, or we purchase some item we're both in love with.

We do some kind of joyous thing together that celebrates our 'us' and marriage together," said Anna Gregerson.

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