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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is flat (his screen time is limited as well...methinks this is a roadblock that Richard La Gravanese and Steven Rogers were unable to overcome when adapting a 500 page book into an overly long 2 hour film).The lone exception to the mediocre acting is Gerard Butler.

Winning her first Oscar for “Boys Don’t Cry” (1999) was a shock. The clip came off and she was hit hard in the forehead. I did a whole boxing movie and my face came out unscathed.Here I am in a romantic comedy and the suspender clip is flung across the room and hits me so hard in the forehead that the teeth of it stick in my forehead. I was laughing and crying so hard.” The aftermath was that her face was damaged. There are teeth marks in you.’ Five stitches later and you can’t see anything, but I have makeup on.” Butler jokes about it. He found out I love waffles and sent me a waffle maker.” Now that’s romantic.In fact, it sweeps me off my feet.” Swank is swept off her feet in her new romantic comedy “P. When he dies of a brain tumor, she receives a series of letters he’s left with instructions on how to get on with her life.Swank’s Holly is also helped by her mother (Kathy Bates), two well-meaning, guy-challenged friends (Gina Gershon and Lisa Kudrow) and a hunky bartender (Harry Connick Jr.).

She’s the type of girl who doesn’t needs diamonds or fancy cars.

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