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1 Because the company's played ball with you long enough. 2 Or do you want us to jack it up and haul it away? CAMERA PANS toward Things were tough the ALTO NIDO APART- at the moment. A-8 JOE GILLIS' APARTMENT It is a one-room affair with an unmade Murphy bed pulled out of the wall at which Gillis sits typing. I hadn't MENT HOUSE, an ugly worked in a studio for Moorish structure ofsat a long time. Beside him, on the bed, is a dirty ashtray and a scattering of type written and pencil- marked pages. There are a couple of worn-out plush chairs and a Spanish-style, wrought-iron standing lamp. You see, of the pool, as the the body of a young man body floats face down- was found floating in the ward. Just a movie writer with a couple of "B" pictures to his credit. He always wanted a pool Well, in the end he got himself a pool -- SLOW DISSOLVE TO: only the price turned out to be a little high... It is a well- pool of her mansion, with dressed young man. Let's go back about six A-7 HOLLYWOOD, SEEN FROM months and find the day THE HILLTOP AT IVAR when it all started. There are piles or scripts, a few pipes and, somewhere in the background, some set models. He is en- gaged in changing the stained rilter cigarette in his Zeus holder. You've got the best man for it right here on this lot. The door opens and Betty Schaefer enters -- a clean- cut, nice looking girl of 21, with a bright, alert manner.

SHELDRAKE (His mind free-wheeling) Of course, we're always looking for a Betty Hutton.

As speed accelerates to around 40 m.p.h., traffic de- marcations, white arrows, speed-limit warnings, man- hole covers, etc., flash by.

In the gutter lie dead leaves, scraps of paper, burnt matches and cigarette butts. Now the CAMERA leaves the sign and MOVES EAST, the grey asphalt of the street filling the screen.

And right now I wish I could crawl into a hole and pull it in after me.

GILLIS Exactly what kind of material do you recommend?

That car better be back here by noon tomorrow, or there's going to be fireworks. hundred and ninety dollars Then he walks to the and I needed it real center of the room and, quick, or I'd lose my car.

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