Harshad and additi dating

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hi harshad dis is preeti i m ur gr8est fan more dan a/c i like u so much bcoz ur phisique is nice nd ur smile is marvelous i know u hav some connection wid aditi but leave her yaar im more dan her try 2 meet me plz nd if u vil meet me once u vil like 2 hav some time spent wid me nd u know my brother hates u bcoz his girlfriend likes u more dan him he just wanna kill u but i always fight wid him for u do write me soon plz luv u Hi Harshad and Aditi, Both of you have really acting skill, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my request is don’t waste this skill , do some good and realistic drama..always why ekta kapoor’s serials have to be very gorgeous..always they are having a very big and successful business.gents member of the family are top most businessman.my god I didn’t know business is so ha ha…and the ladies are giving exhibition of sarees and jeweleries.question is a person of regular income can afford that much big bunglow or so many cars..Ekta Kapoor this is a real world..where some people don’t get food for two time.many poor people out there.you have excess money spend for somebody who really needs it.to make balance in dramas and real world…don’t forget people can buy”IEFEL TOWER” in their dreams..sorry to say very very poor direction..Hi Harshad……….did you live kdmhmd………we all will miss you very much…you loose lot of your viewers for this series…. Same Heer Prem…Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Change the trailor..bring something new.Prem’s step mom it looks like she is taking out all of frustrations that she can’t do in her real life…nikal jao yihaanse…when she will be exposed then I seriously wonder where she would hide herself . SO FUNNY…OOOO HARSHAD CHOPRA O ADDITI GUPTA…U GUYS MAKE CUTE JODI.. SAME THING HEER’S NATAK OF SACRFISING…PREM”HEER MAIN TUMHARE BINA NAHIN JEE SAKTA .. OH GOD EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT…DO SOMETHING NEW PUT SOME NEW DIALOGUES…BALAJI U CLAIM URSELF A GOOD DIRECTOR.. you are very very sweet boy and you are my favorites actor.i am 16 years girl andmy favorits subject is boilogy and maths .plzzzzz send a waiting for you massege cannot me reply massege dead him hi harshad,h r u ? but i like Chahat more than both of u becoz she is cutie pie and adorable…………I think it is very bad idea if removing him……moonu all the best for you future career…I will love you .matter how you perform and what ever series you go to…your rock…. got scared to post my comments ..truth is always bitter.awards for kis desh mein hai mera dil on ITA 2009.body gets awards for extending the serials…meher and gulraaj does not have any dialougues.us something to say onscreen.wearing good dresses without saying anything…and people don’t watch this fat headed serials…heer and prem ,lalit juneja have dialougues..other person in the serial has to be very bad.. mein tumhari bahut badi fan hu.tumhari family mein sab kaise hai aur tum kaise ho? mein apni dosti ka har farz nibhaungi aur akhri dam tak is rishte ko nibhaungi tum apna khayal rakha karo. Balaji-ka love story .the same scene repeatedly shhaaaak shaaak everbodt’s facial expressions…shaaak shaaak camera is moving like earth rotating on its own path around The ha ha.. WHERE IS UR CREATIVITY , INNOVATIVENESS…OTHER CHANGING THE LOOKS OF ACTOR ACTRESSES.. plz yr give an interview with additi did u guys have a fight or something u doin even seem like friends bcuz u r not givin interviews with each other,yr pppppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz give an interview with additi standing standing next 2 u ppppppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz,baat manlo. aap dono ki ladai me uss NANHI SI JAAN Chahat ka HUQ chhinna to galat hai na……….Looks like this new serial will beat the records of Kis Desh also! India Contest 2006, and won the title of ‘Best Smile’.Harshad Chopra was nominated in the list of 100 most sexy men of Asia, by a British newspaper “Eastern Eye”.

HMMmmmmmmmm I was wondering neways …BYEEEE…Take Care..

yo ppl wassup i read all these comments nd cant belive dat ppl love harshad sooooo much well i really hate harshad, he’s not hot at all. hiiii harshad U ROCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big time u r a royal person……….u & aditi r da BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he looks old nd sum tyms cute…but still i’m being honest he is not at all cool i wan meet u once pls…………………………………. i think aditi is the luckiest person to hav acted with uuuuu plzzzzzzzzzzzz dont leave aditi forever cozzz ur jodi roxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HEER PREM ROXXXXXXXXXXZZZZZZZZZZZ like CRAZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYY LUV UUUUUU NJOY………………………………………………

and villain stop making these crap..u the fat headed eakta kapoor….u have no talent of creativity…agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo..a lot more realistic…in 100 crore populated country u r making a rich businessman story..house like palace.where u get these crappy ideas…80 to 90 crore people under poverty line in India.rishta kya kehelata hai…is about rich marwari family but in that story they have a story of a girl how she is managing herself in new atmosphere.the story of each family members..about their sadness happiness.not prem and heer and lalit juneja.everybody else character either crying or they are fighting or dying or villain..because the dumbest,stupid,fat headed eakta kapoor does not know anything else.not how to give script for every character.hero and heroine..other family members are have to look stupid and foolish on screen…looking at each other .hahahhahahahahahahahaha..stuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddddddddddddd booooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg………buffalo headed eakta kapoor serial…………………………………………………………….calls herself director…such a donkey…….hahahahahahahahahaha….. plz tum mujhe apna address de do so that mein tumhe letter post kar saku at [email protected] care Hi Harshad. Miss U very much and always keep smiling u r very awsum;gorgeous person of my life. Bidaai, Yeh Rishta much much better man.atleast crete and bring some new twists some new looks.some refershing side of characters.in this again now Heer is wellwisher she can not tell at the same time prem’s step mom is against of their wohi boring same flash back scenes wala and camera is moving repeatedly on the same faces in slow motion(now that really really painful and borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggggggg).shaaaaccccckkkkkkk,shaaaacccccckkkkkk…. AND THE JWELERY…CAUSE THESE CREDITS DOES NOT GOES TO U MISS SO DOWN GRADED DIRECTOR EKTA KAPOOR.. HEER & PREM IS BEST COUPLE OF STAR PARIVAAR so make it real in ur real lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………… I think the audience would be more interested about Chahat’s future.

Hey prem and heer u rock i of ur great fans you have done a great job in KIS DESH MEIN HSI MERA DIL aditi if i had a last wish it would be spend a day with u,u entertaining me aditi my number 07772981123 Hey its me again Debjani,after a long time i am writting comments. How long “fat headed Eakta Kapoor” will stretch it? hmm really kis desh mein awards ..lol…lol…hahahahaha.screen meher and gulraj does not have any dialouges.whenever if some work should be done lalit juneja calls “heer”.is the activity for meher and gulraj..except being maniqueen on the screen.their face look so funny.tell us to do something.are also standing here without any dialouge.doing make-up and wearing expensieve salwar and standing…so funny.is the base of the story.the message of the story love,pyar mohabbat…prem and heer……same thing dialouge and it’s done man now the serial getting stretched with some other matter…jaidad…don’t u have any other concept or thoughts except plannig to change prperty will or robbing prperty paper work,love and husband does not love wife and by the way husband is biiiiiig zamindar he has extra maritial affair end of the serial.realises and comes back to wife…what do u think fat headed donkey buffalo eakta kapoor love is very easy u just walking on the street and ur dream lover comes and propose to u or u r hanging from the cliff and one handsome guy comes and save u…or guy and girl have totally different mentality…but fall for each other…and everybodt is so rich.biig house…so good clothes jweley…in 100 crore population 80-90 crore people are below poverty line.that country how come u can make such a foolish fantasy.people are watching it..instead of watching ki desh mein u people go out and try to help people who really need us..educate them..atleast they can write their name..teach them somethin so they can fight with snobbish but idiot and fool and proudy rich people.everybody wake up evrybody u people all of the people in india..jagoooooo these are only fantasy.real…help everybody…stop watching this foolish crap.u people stop watching then they will stop making.u dont have anything to do except watching these ekta kapoor’s crap teach ur maid’s daughter,son…do something for them.to send each and every small kids to go school.get educated.guys watch agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo? I love ur smile and everyhing u same as me I also like the things which u like. plz giv me ur fb or yahoo or hotmail or contact no………………………pls giv me………………………….i m waiting for ur reply…….. u r doing an xcellent job in hie desh mewin hai mera dil… BALAJI AUR KITNA KHICHOGE YAAAAAAAAAAAAR SAME STORY, SAME FLASH BACK…. U DON’T DESERVE THE CHANNELS LIKE STAR PLUS…PLEASE DONT TORTURE US…WATCHING BALAJI’S SERIALS IS SERIOUSLY TORTURING URSELF.. U HAVE NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING NOT A SINGLE OF DROP OF CREATIVITY.. heer ab maan bhi jao chahat ki khatir itna kya gussa ho prem se ?????????????????? ab Prem aur Heer ki prem kahani se zada u know responsibilties count more from both of them.

You know harshad whatever u will pray there u will get more temple is very famous over there “Addyapith Mandir”. I DONT SAY IAM UR FAN BUT I LOVE THE STORY HEER ACTTING….. I can assure u guys about one thing there is no future working with this stupid be it sounds vary harsh but it is something that will give us good moti dimaak wali has fallen for karan johar..hahahahahahahahaha woh to karan johar ki pyar ki ungli ke bhi kabil nahin haye…karan johar is so talented and karan johar only only looks good with Rani Mukherjee b’coz I am bengali thats y I am not saying these that is fact.one more thing eakta kapoor bhyanso jaisi bare aur lambe lambe bohut se guys means ladko-ko launch kiye haye…except u HARSHAD… i will watch ur serial now that is changed to afternoon at that time i will be in college i miss u iam not having time to watch ur if u have time mail to take care.

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