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If you're interested in a more personal answer, compare the vote lists of our users with your own and decide what to read next based on that.

For more automated recommendations there is VNStat, which, among other useful features, provides personalized recommendations based on votes, tags, traits, and more.

Throughout the game, the player usually has to answer a few questions which will have an effect on the story, thus playing a visual novel a second time while giving other answers may result in an entirely different plot.

To get a general idea of the genre, try one of the free short visual novels from al|together.

An eroge or H-game is basically any Japanese game that features sexual content.

Many visual novels are eroge and many eroge are visual novels, but this is not a rule.

If you're looking for VNs that most people have played, check out the popularity rankings.In these types of dramatic eroges, the story is more prominent than the sexual content.So if you’re someone who wants a good story with some adult themes game, join us as we count the top 10 dramatic eroges in this list!Direct linking is, as with all other images on this site, allowed.If you feel these banners don't suit your needs, please don't hesitate to make one yourself.

In the world of eroges, there are many sub class and types of eroges.

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