Github graphs not updating

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We wanted to be smarter about how our resources were paginated.

We wanted assurances of type-safety for user-supplied parameters. We wanted to generate clients instead of manually supplying patches to our Octokit suite.

For example, a mobile app could simplify its requests by only asking for the data it needs.

This enables new possibilities and workflows that are freed from the limitations of downloading and parsing massive JSON blobs.

Based on the resources that are requested, we can start providing more intelligent information to clients.

You send this via a You can see that the keys and values in the JSON response match right up with the terms in the query string. Let’s say you wanted to know how many repositories you’ve starred.

You also want to get the names of your first three repositories, as well as their total number of stars, total number of forks, total number of watchers, and total number of open issues.

This is partly because, by its nature, hypermedia navigation requires a client to repeatedly communicate with a server so that it can get all the information it needs.

Our responses were bloated and filled with all sorts of hints in the JSON responses to help people continue to navigate through the API to get what they needed.

It seemed like our responses simultaneously sent too much data didn’t include data that consumers needed.

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