Getting rejected on online dating sites

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In this condition, participants are like true users of modern-day matching sites.

As time progresses, we track the relationships that the participants form with their matches: Do they enjoy their dates, do they form a relationship, do their relationships last?

At the same time, the algorithms completely ignore principles that have large effects on relationship well-being (e.g., stress and interaction quality).

(If you are interested in reading more about the problems with these algorithms, click here for a NYT editorial by Finkel and Karney.) Here, we wish to describe precisely what would constitute compelling evidence that a matching algorithm is indeed effective.

This means that they can join e Perfect only after the study has concluded.

In the meantime, they presumably date through other traditional means.

Until then, we recommend that consumers be wary of promises on the bottles of Internet love potions. Click here for other topics on the Science Of Relationships. But how are consumers to know that matching algorithms actually work?

Just like placebo pills still need to be round and look correct, a separate rudimentary algorithm might be necessary just for the placebo matches so they don't arouse suspicion after participants completed a lengthy questionaire but are then bombarded with 'bad' matches.We remain hopeful that matching sites will ultimately rise to the challenge, both by conducting and publishing the appropriate studies and by drawing upon current relationship science to improve their methods. In fairness, more and more online dating site are using matching tools.The readers of Science of Relationships should be disappointed until those with the resources to make an actual difference in people’s romantic lives demonstrate some bona fide vision. And on the other hand, it is up to the single person how he/she would use the site in finding his/her soulmate or to empower his/her relationship.There is one massive barrier that prevents e Perfect from conducting and publishing this study: In order for e Perfect to publish the results of the second and third control conditions, they would have to reveal the details of their proprietary matching algorithm.As long as sites can market themselves effectively by claiming to have a scientific foundation, such peer-review will never happen. Art Aron offers part of a solution: Have scientific organizations appoint a panel of experts to evaluate the scientific credibility of online dating sites. Eastwick is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Texas A&M University.

Thus, in this condition, participants would receive matches from e Perfect, but these matches would be prescreened only for individual differences in relationship aptitude, not dyadic compatibility.

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