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If you use bold, colorful, imaginative words, you better believe that username is going to pop. Your username and lead photo should compliment each other.

Each element working in sync, will support the other, together creating your overall Attractive Archetype. While rich language and outrageous words usually word best for Po F & Okcupid usernames, it's not always the right play. The first time I used their site was when they launched, way back in 1995!

Usernames on Okcupid are created when you start a new account.

Keep in mind Okcupid will only allow you to change your username once per month.

For now, I just want to understand what women's general impression is of this guy. Here's what I got back: Now that we have a baseline understanding of Joe's attractiveness, I made 2 copies of the exact same dating profile, on the 3 biggest dating sites where usernames are still used; Okcupid, Plenty Of Fish, and Match.

The reason we chose a fairly attractive test photo, was to make sure we would get enough unsolicited inbound interest, so we could compare the amounts.

If you're worried that an otherwise great username sounds too outrageous, or too different from who you really are, try it out on your profile for a test run, and see how women respond. A bit of facial hair never hurts, and the stylish scarf adds a touch panache. (Joe's a stock photo, in case you were wondering)I uploaded Joe's picture to a photo scoring website called photofeeler.

So get it right the first time, or you'll need to start over with a new profile.

Okcupid is one of the most popular free dating websites in the world.

But really I get to solve challenging people problems using a deep understanding of technology.

I may code like a geek, but communication, empathy, and improvisation On Plenty Of Fish, usernames are smaller in size, taking a back seat to a big, more important looking headline. At least when it comes to getting noticed on Po F..

I've managed profiles with cool usernames (Steve Mc Dream). Not to mention it uses alliteration as a stylistic device, containing repeated sound of the first letter across both words. If true to his name, captain obvious isn't telling us anything we can't already see from his bulging mirror gym pics.

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