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And his cousin, Laura – his aunt’s daughter – was also there. Girls, for instance, like me.” Laura let her hand drift over the fly of his pants, gently rubbing her palm over the hardening bulge in his pants.

Steven’s erection stood proudly between his stomach and hers.This wasn’t the type of party Steven would usually find himself on a Saturday night, but he was having a good time so far. He couldn’t believe his attractive, semi-drunk cousin was asking him about his sex life. Seriously, so much changes in college,” she excitedly told him, reminiscing. You’re nice and funny AND handsome, and that’s enough to get a lot of girls to sleep with you.” Steven was still a bit buzzed, but he swore that Laura’s hand was gently, almost imperceptibly rubbing his leg. Steven laughed, “God, you make it sound so bad, like I’m going to be tricking girls into hopping in bed with me.” “Not at all,” Laura replied, her fingers rubbing his thigh a little more.He spotted his brother across the patio and excused himself from his conversation with the group of old guys who were giving him golf tips. His aunt was turning 50 this weekend and her friends had thrown her a party at one of their houses. “You’re going to meet so many new and interesting people, and you’ll be new and interesting to everyone, too! Believe me, all the pretty little college girls will want to fuck my stud little cousin,” she said, making them both laugh. “Girls want no strings attached sex as much as guys do. But we also don’t want people to think we’re sluts, so we have to be more careful than guys about who we sleep with.She locked his lips to hers once again for a passionate kiss.Lifting her ass off of his thighs, she positioned herself over him.

Laura was completely impaled on his cock, her crotch resting against his.

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