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They like reporting the accounts these scammers use and seeing success in getting them shut down.

Kudos are especially in order for MSN's Outlook email, which often shuts down Nigerian scammer accounts within 3 hours or less.AOL had real problems with spammers in the mid-90s and was among the very first to employ processes like spam filtering to their email product.My problem isn't one regarding comparisons about how infested with criminal activity one service is versus another.My problem is that for the past several years, Yahoo has been systematically removing every single method of reporting criminal activity to Yahoo's abuse teams. People don't like receving spam in the first place.They certainly don't like it when the same stupid scammers keep sending the same stupid, old scam messages every single day for years on end.

I write to you today to discuss what your future plans are regarding Yahoo's current standing as arguably the most criminally-infested online property in the world.

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