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Since then l have be wanking most days and l really love wanking myself.

Love getting naked and getting hard and stroking my hard **** to completion. I went to an Erasure concert at an outdoor venue some years ago and there were big queues to go to pee so i went into a small wood.

In there were others having a pee inluding girls squating or lifting there skirts to pee, this got me so hard I began to stroke my **** watching one...

If you dm me you MUST send a PICTURE for a response.Im 22 with a fit girlfriend, but shes out of town at the minute...We had hot phone sex yesterday but couldnt reach her this morning, so I decided to bust a nut!my room was with 2 really hot guys one of which was a **** addict. It was such a good feeling I played with my **** making sure...The first thing he said when we got to are room was "i need a ****" and he pulled out a magazine... As the title says, I just can't get enough wanking time in day or night.

i go in the disabled toilet where there's room to take all my clothes off and ****.

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