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Also remember, sometimes the law does not support what we want it to support, but that is not the fault of the person answering the question, so please be courteous.

There is plenty of local and international people join it regularly. It has family atmosphere a home like Meeting point where you find a group of friends. Just pick up your device mobile, pc, laptop or tablet and join the local just chatting Sites party.They told me they were going to make another post on local Craigslist ad and then would ageplay. In the first emails used they tried to act as a 16yo and when they weren t getting a response they admitted to being a 24yo and that they ageplay. Would that be enough of a connection to link together. I wouldn t even have to explain my actions because the emails say it all black and white.In order for them to take your property and keep it, they have to prove it was either used in an illegal act or it was proceeds from an illegal act. They tried to delete the emails and changed my password XXXXX could not get onto email account to have proof.Ask Your Own Criminal Law Question Customer reply replied 3 years ago Of course. They also sent about 4 pictures of 2 separate people which they are saying is all the same person which it is clearly not.

As long as whatever occurred is between two consenting adults at the time of the incident, it is not illegal as LONG AS YOU KNEW AT THE TIME THE OTHER PERSON WAS OF LEGAL AGE.

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