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Louis has an enduring image of piles of salt on the carpet soaking up wine spillages.'I'm so glad we didn't sell this house,' he says.

'There are memories everywhere, even in the plates on the wall.' He shows me a plate that he made when he was ten propped on a ledge in the kitchen and I realise the importance of this connection with a past that held his mother.

'It's so nice, I feel lucky to be able to hear her voice on the radio every year. You hear atrocities on TV every day about people who lose their families in an instant and that's the last time they hear their voice and they can't see them on a video.

Paul Ricardo Gomes da Silva was killed after Santa Cruz played Parana at the Arruda stadium on Friday, when rioting fans ripped three toilet bowls from restrooms and dropped them on crowds below the stands.

However, hours later, his unlicensed boat hand, Jose Cen Yam, 26, claimed to have been at the helm and, even though witnesses stated the boat was travelling at a minimum of 15 to 20 knots, he said he was doing just one knot.It appears that software on your computer is blocking Java Script.To enjoy, you'll need to enable Java Script in your web browser.He's looking forward to April to see if the tulips he planted in the garden come up.'Mum taught me that life's never that bad if you can do the things you love.'He still listens to Kirsty's music and loves hearing Fairytale Of New York.

Estimated to have landed with more than 750 pounds of force, the 26-year-old fan died instantly and his mother, Joelma told local radio, 'They killed my son and me too - I would not wish the pain I am suffering on anybody.' Murder: The wrapped body of Paulo Ricardo Silva, 26, a soccer fan who was killed in clashes between fans, lies on a street as policemen (back) stand nearby outside Arruda stadium after a soccer match between Brazilian soccer teams Parana and Santa Cruz, in Recife on Friday Recife is one of the host cities of the World Cup, due to start on 12 June and Brazil's soccer association decided on Saturday to ban matches in the Arruda stadium until an investigation has concluded.

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