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Whether they are nearby or on the side of the world, this random video chat app will instantly match you with someone new. Who would have thought that it could be so much fun to meet random people? With one tap, you can find new friends and chat live through video and messaging. - Gender selection: Looking for girls, boys, or both?

Do you get bored when you are traveling on the bus? Do you need something to do when hanging out with friends? If you don’t like to talk to strangers, use a message to break the ice and get the chat started! A zero tolerance policy for any offensive behavior.

Who knows, this might just turn into your teen dating app.

With one click you can start chatting with other teens and meet people from all over the planet.

Pick a specific country and view people from only that country.

Over 70 countries are available to choose from, making us the most international Omegle chat alternative on the internet.

So don’t worry, we’ll never post to your Facebook wall or spam you.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILECreate your own CMU profile, upload a pic, share a quote, fill in your stats and write an, ‘about me’ section.

You decide your match.- Messaging: More ways to chat.

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