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Even more important for them, there's an endless stream of clients passing by so they can make a lot of money in a working day.The disadvantage is that they sit there for everybody to see, reason why some girls don't work in the city they live in.The advantage for the clients is that basic sex is cheaper here than elsewhere (the standard price is 50 euros for oral and intercourse), and there are much more women to choose from. offer a wider range of services - the owners often make them do this. But in reality, Amsterdam prostitution is just that…It's estimated that the bulk of prostitutes work in closed clubs and brothels - meaning that, unlike the window brothels, you can't look in from the streets.The municipal goals were to combat violence, exploitation and underage prostitution this way, and ensure safety and health for all involved. Violence, underage prostitution and exploitation of women remained a problem. Interestingly, after the closing of the Theemsweg, street prostitution did not increase again.

Still, even in Amsterdam it will perhaps never been seen as just another regular job.They do not need to go out on the streets anymore to meet customers. Attitudes towards prostitution in past centuries could be summed up as: "Allow it so you can control and regulate it." That's why the official ban on prostitution (that was never really effectuated) was ended in 1811.However, opponents of the 'normalization' of prostitution succeeded in getting brothels (i.e. In our times, attitudes are more like "Many of us find it personally immoral, but who are we to outlaw any type of sex between consenting adults?Working here may also be more dangerous than a club or brothel, since the girls are basically on their own.But often, a girl can call up the room owner or the police with one push on a button if needed.

The most visible type of Amsterdam prostitution, the one that all the tourists go see, is window prostitution.

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