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Then of course Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Dan Johnson, and Madison Ruppert all highly respectful political activists and members of the alternative press, now referred to as the real media, were all almost set up with child porn distribution and possession via email.

If you think every child porn suspect is guilty, that nobody can ever be set up with child porn, then you have been warned.

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Author: Ben Franklin Some disturbing news has come from a reporter I am in contact with which I will keep as Anonymous for now.

Child porn is the easiest thing to plant on somebodies computer.

It is easy for example to plant a simple 100KB image of a child being sexually abused by a older man.

Flirting is one of the most common things today and the best way that people use today to flirt is the online media.

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If you still think it’s a bunch of boloney then hey I guess just ignore the facts, and maybe one day if you ever get set up with child porn then come back here to say I was right, then I can interview you for my next article, lol.Some methods can vary from computer viruses to using a flash drive to physically plant the images, and never get caught.Whether electronically or physically, it is easy to even plant printouts of naked preteen girls then call the cops, or hack into the wifi to plant images using the Windows sharing function to access the file system.Now adults are being arrested for talking with other freaky adults on adult sex chat rooms. Undercover police officers are posing as chatters on adult sex chat room sites on the internet, some as minors, and others as adults.Now there is no child involved, many to all whom come to adult chat sites aren’t looking for having sex with children, in fact the adult chat rooms have rules stating you have to be eighteen years or older.

From my own independent research I discovered his bail from criminal trial court was very low, around est $20,000 which is usually not what bail you get under child porn charges.

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