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Sc.) in Chemistry from the University of Athens, Greece. Read more D-Waste Experts Carlos Silva Filho is Regional Development Network Representative of ISWA and Coordinator of the South America sub-regional secretariat for IPLA.(Coordinator of the South America sub-regional secretariat for IPLA - International...Authorities and international organizations must establish clearer and more accessible rules and regulations, the industry must adapt its manufacturing patterns to manufacture products that will be environmental friendlier, whereas us, the consumers must be more aware about such issues and push towards the aforementioned directions.D-Waste Experts Antonis Mavropoulos is the CEO of D-WASTE and the Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Read more D-Waste Experts Haris Kamariotakis is the General Director of D-WASTE. Alexei Atudorei works from thirty years in the field of environmental protection and in the last fifteen years has been involved in important local, regional and national projects in...Read more D-Waste Experts Costas Velis is Director of FUELOGY, a specialised research and management consultancy, delivering solutions on resource efficiency and circular economy, working in the interface between traditional solid waste management, resources...Read more D-Waste Experts Konstantinos Naoum has a Degree in Chemical Engineering, MSc from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece.This must be what makes majority of the residents of Sandy Spring happy.

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Despite their hazardousness, since most of e-waste contains hazardous substances, developing countries continue to import illegally e-waste because of its high metal content, including also cooper and gold.

As a consequence, in order to recover these metals, a great amount of e-waste receives inappropriate treatment including manual dismantling and open burning, posing a significant threat both for the human health and the environment. Mavropoulos called for actions as a way to ensure sound e-waste management all over the world.

Parks in the Sandy Spring, Maryland are expansive and beautiful.

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