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Our resident expert criminologist, Professor David Wilson from Birmingham City University, knows criminals. He also loves using tests and trials to prove, or disprove, theories attached to the cases.

There are more experiments in the new series, in which we put the spotlight on more disturbing cases.

That had been ‘commissioned’ by Reg’s twin brother Ron, himself serving life for a gangland killing. He invited me to Parkhurst to meet him – and the rest, as they say, is history.

I worked with the Kray twins on their autobiography, did a book with Ronnie about life in Broadmoor, and a couple of years ago made a documentary about the Kray legacy for Crime & Investigation Network.

That, in turn, led to Fred Dinenage: Murder Casebook.

I hasten to add that murder has only been a small part of my life in television.

We could make a lot of money auctioning some of their paintings.’ Which is how, some months later, 13 paintings were auctioned at an event called ‘The Rogues Gallery’.

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