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Please don't say "find a big titted girl" - that's no advice, and besides I already know that and if I wasn't into my current gf, I would've already done that a long time ago (I got attracted to her personality and beauty, and for the first few months of me just "courting" her... The problem however, is that we are still highly attracted to each other (minus the body issue which affects my desire for sex) and both do not see this as a reason to break up.Although, I think I am starting to lose my mind slowly from all the temptation that is always around me (I'm a social guy, go to university, know my shit, am a club DJ, and have lots of female friends).

a gf that has all the qualities that attracted me to my current gf, PLUS a decent sized chest). The girls around you may look tempting but will they offer the same benefits as your partner. But I wouldn't throw away a 2 year relationship because of my GF's chest.Its down to you to decide whether you want to pursue a relationship or whether you want to try other girls... because sex isn't everything in a relationship, you might want to try doing something new and interesting together. No woman's body will stay the same over a decade, nevermind a lifetime.This may have not too much to do with her cup size and more to do with your libido when it comes to your GF dropping over time, which is normal. I find this to be a difficult situation to be in, and that's why I come to ask for help.Typically if I date a girl for an extended period of time, in a purely physical sense I miss the qualities that she doesn't have. It's not particularly pleasant feeling knowing that I might have to let her go because of something so trivial (developing tolerance).

When he says those things i feel like it's an indirect way of telling me that he hates my chest size and that hurts. I've decided I'm going to confront him about it next time he does it.

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