First base in dating

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Take Pen And Paper On Your First Date In most cases, I will have talked to the person I am meeting once or twice, before we go on the actual "first date".So, to a point, we are somewhat comfortable with each other.

The pen and paper is simply a tool designed to open the communication channels with the other person.

She and I were often uncomfortable on our first meeting, and it was a struggle to get through the evening to the point of comfort between my date and myself.

One of my female friends shared with me an idea that she had come across years before, and when I tried it for myself, it changed most of my first dates from a nervous uncomfortable experience into a fun and engaging evening.

But, I am always nervous on that first date anyway, and so is she. We sit down to order dinner, then we are never sure where the conversation is going to go next.

It is not uncommon to be uncomfortable on that first date, because as human beings, we want the other person to like us, as much as we think we like them. When I feel that first twinge of uncertainty in the conversation, I reach in my pocket and put a pen on the table in front of her. She is usually very confused by the ball-point pen, and she looks at me in a quizzical manner. Then I reach in my pocket and get a piece of paper. Then I will say, "I know you have questions, and sometimes it is easier to put them on paper than it is to ask them in person." I will follow that with, "I am pretty sure that there is at least one question about me that you might be too nervous to ask me.

I generally see one of three responses from the person I am with: 1) A grunt of dissatisfaction and a roll of the eyes.

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