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bachelor Ernesto and contestant Shandi have decided to break up!! (They need to learn with reality love you gotta air the show a few months later tops so the couple is still together for a bit longer before the Neil Lane rings have to be returned). It was more “thanks for the support guys…” And apparently it is official.

Yes after Ernesto Arguello’s amazing romantic overture scaling the cube wall to reach his final choice, Shandi Finnessey. Ernesto tweeted: ********************************** People on the Bachand Bachette forums claimed the couple broke up last November (the show finished taping in August of last year).

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And it has everyone running to their computers searching for: Ernesto and Shandi still together? This intel isn’t very solid, but….it’s more information than I’ve seen elsewhere.

And as for Eva Longoria, this guy will never find love.

Are Shandi Finnessey and Ernesto Arguello Are Shandi Finnessey and Ernesto Arguello still together?

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Watch for yourself below: Why did Ben Patton and Angela Zatopek break up?

Ready for Love’s Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves update: still together and IN LOVE!

I don’t really believe those rumors necessarily, but I do get the sense (because, you know, I have super reality e-lister spidey stalker sense) that Ernesto Arguello and Shandi Finnessey are now broken up. Have you dug up any other juicy nugs that might clue us in?

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