Father daughter relationships and dating

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It might seem odd, but try to “get” what her life is like.Try to understand her attention and attachment to certain television shows, games, friends, boys, and more.Initiate the conversation, and ask your daughter what you can do for her. Speak to her mother about what went wrong and how you can fix it.And always, no matter what, offer unconditional love – and make it clear that you are always there if she needs you. The more you love her, the more strength and confidence she will have, and the more successful she will be in life, love, and anything else that comes her way.Then if the rest of the world tells her something different, she will still have that fact that “Daddy thinks I’m beautiful” to hold onto forever.She will never stop learning, so make sure that she learns a few things from you.

Don’t throw a fit when she colors on the walls – get down and color with her. When she does something that is not-so-good, find a way to turn it into a positive.It’s important that she grow up seeing her father taking care of her just as competently as her mother does, and that her father is willing to get down on the floor and play with her.When she gets older, it’s still just as important, though she might act like it’s not.It can be tough not to peek into her room, read that journal she left open on the bed, or lurk in her Facebook account.But it is necessary to show her that you respect her boundaries, especially when she becomes a teenager.

The good news is that difficult father daughter relationships can be remedied – and this can happen no matter when you start trying to close that rift.

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