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Definitely say that you're straight, what fetishes you're into and NOT into (cuz girls be crazy), no STDs, wear protection,... Anyhow, totally unethical and was NOT approved by any board what so ever but very interesting stuff. Im gonna have to get up a picture one way or another, my older pics dont have as much muscle as I do now.maybe even suggest a actual date beforehand if you're hesitant or nervous? my classmate did a study of CL hookups (psychology). But Ill probably be trying this again over the weekend, Ill update the thread if anything happens.Im not expecting anything great, it seems there are quite a few BBW posting on the woman' side of things, heh.

You are better off swallowing your pride and hitting a bar or club for the night. Go in solo (maybe bring a friend), get up chatting and get some digits! Thanks for the advice everyone, Im realizing that this might not be the best way for some strange...

When they were genuine people, I noticed that (there's no nice way to put this) they were nearly always 'bottom of the barrel' type people.

If you are a straight guy looking for a nice girl for no strings attached then CL will be a disappointment.

Also a lot of them appear pretty freaky on the womens request page, which goes along with your fetish comment.

Looks like ol dankplantgrower could possibly be getting into some crazy sex toy madness with a chubby lady this weekend, haha...

Most women who fall into this category will never have to stoop that low.

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