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Sometimes life unfolds in such a way that you find yourself having romantic feelings for someone who lives far away, and then have to put your imagination into overdrive in order to “date” them.

This is most easily done in the form of Skype dating.

It's OG from the KY Gotcha bitch callin' me up on Face Time, man I guess it's cause I stay fly Someone please come get her, cause this ain't no dateline Always headed up, yuh, man I aim high If you hatin' on me, then bitch you must hate grind Prolly cause she don't play ya shit, but she always play mine Now she callin' on Face Time Now she callin' on Face Time Now she callin' on Face Time Now she callin' on Face Time!

So when Australia would suggest this Skype thing, I’d avoid the topic or come up with excuses like “I have a nasty zit right now,” because the idea of having to talk to someone while worrying about my connection freezing in the middle of some kind of fucked up facial expression was too much for me to handle.

Once members have initiated a chat and they desire to progress to the next step, they can swap phone numbers and continue their relationship Face Time style.” Finally, video-chatting has become another archetypal step in relationships, like second base, meeting the parents, and moving in.

What’s more, Visual Friend promises to help find your soul mate.

(Face Time) I won't waste your time if you don't waste mine (don't waste mine) Girl I wanna taste yours if you gon' taste mine (taste mine) I won't take your love for granted if you don't take mine (take mine) “Face Time” is a unique track on Issa Album as it is a departure from the common themes of the street hustle, tough upbringing, and violence that normally make up 21 Savage songs.

Here, he is describing his feelings for a girl and their potential future together.

You strong Ain't no need to play games, I'm grown Out there cheating, man, it turn ya heart cold She don't wanna hear the lies, it's old Takin' shots even when it's too strong Fuck a nigga, lick her, make her moan Gotta get up in the mornin', she grown I be drankin', I be drivin', I'm wrong Had a long day at work and I know I can't text my girl, I'm on my way home [Chorus] I'm too drunk to text so can we Face Time?

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