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Up-and-coming areas: Square Vergote, Place des Chasseurs Ardennais, Place de Jamblinne de Meux, Place Bremer, Demolder-Riga This vast and very green district, the name of which is famous worldwide thanks to its football team, is attracting more and more people thanks to its still-affordable property.

A mixture of working class and more residential areas, it is currently seeing a great flurry of real estate activity along the canal which runs through it.

Sought-after areas: Beaulieu, Rouge-Cloître, Souverain-Val Duchesse. This quiet little district, essentially residential and fairly densely populated, has many buildings in the traditional Brussels' style dating back to the start of the 20th century.

Its proximity to both the Sonian forest and the European institutions is an advantage that expats appreciate.

Sought-after areas: Forest and Duden parks, Altitude 100, Molière-Longchamps.

Situated to the south of Brussels, it is one of the city's most charming and green districts.

This last, which is commonly known as "Brussels" or the Brussels conurbation, is made up of 19 municipalities (comparable to the 'arrondissements' of Paris or districts of Berlin) which are home to around 1.2 million residents.

The largest of these districts (and here's where it gets complicated!

As different as they are from each other, all have their own charm. This extremely large district (32.6 km2) practically crosses Brussels from north to south.

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