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No one from the company has been arrested but that doesn’t mean you need not be alarmed.If you’re using a site that’s being raided by Homeland Security, then you better be worried!Types of Love, Love Styles, Relationship Models, Single as a Choice, Relationship Communication, Beloved, God & Goddess in Everyone, The Beloved, Love and Sex, Modern Marriage, Romance, Keeping the Fire Going, The Evolution of Relationships, Longing, Commitment The Ecstatic & Sacred Sexuality Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Kama Sutra, Soul Merging, Sex and God, Religion and Sex, Kundalini, Union vs.Identity, Energetics of Sex, Sexual Magic, Transcendence, The Chakras, Multi-dimensional Sex, Relationship as a Spiritual Path Men & Women What does it mean to be a man? Fun social events, facilitated groups, workshops and guest speakers.These will have varied costs depending on the event.

We are actively looking for individuals that would like to host, offer a workshop, or partner with us in organizing the group. Types of Meetups: We will be having several types of meetups.

It’s a much safer approach from a legal perspective.

Whatever you do, if you’ve used in the past and if you’re a member of the Eros Guide network, then I strongly suggest that you not log into the site at all anymore.

According to research, the parent company behind this site was raided on the basis of a warrant claiming potential “cross-border illegal activity.” This warrant was issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

This raid literally took all day long and the warrant was sealed and federally issued.

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