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Unless those are your safe words, keep it moving”—and feels women on vanilla dating apps swipe right for validation of their looks and profile rather than actually connecting.

“I used to see my gay homeboys on Grindr and thought, ‘Dang, it would be lit if we had that for the straight world.’ And voila, here we are in 2016.

Being “open to new things” is an idiom echoed in 3nder bios and people’s direct messages.“I signed up for the same reason the rest of us did: to skip all the niceties that come with these other dating apps,” he explained.He’s tired of talking about futile subjects—“Who cares if I heard Lemonade and Views?And the best part is, the girls are just as savage as the guys.Shoot, I’ll even remove the heteronormativity and gender binarism from that: Everyone’s equally savage,” he said, describing in detail a recent fivesome he initiated using the app.

he whole threesome thing started when my partner and I were curious about exploring our sexualities together,” Dimo Trifonov, tech branding specialist and founder of 3nder, told the Observer.

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