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To fundamentally increase our knowledge in fruit quality, this proposal aims at apple fruit acidity, which affects the overall taste and flavor of apple fruit significantly.

In mature apple fruit, malic acid is the most predominant organic acid.

With either approach, MA1's and variants' permeability to a given anion will be estimated from measurements of relative conductance, aiding us to understand the nature of the MA1 mediated transport. Confirmation of the association between TA and the markers reported on LG 8: In addition to Ma, there are other QTLs of significant effect on fruit acidity.

Among these QTLs, the one on LG8 (named Ma QTL8 hereafter) is of greater relevance. To better understand the behavior of Ma QTL8, we propose to isolate Ma QTL8.

Goals / Objectives The goal of this project is to confirm and characterize the Ma1 gene functioning as Ma and to identify genes underlying other QTLs of significant modifying effect on acidity to further enhance our understanding of apple fruit acidity so that more efficient tools and strategies could be developed for apple genetic improvement.

For characterizing gene Ma1, we will focus on its sequence diversity (by targeted genome sequencing), sub-cellular localization (by florescence protein tagging) and transporter property (by electrophysiological measurements).

For identifying candidate genes underlying other QTLs, we will concentrate more on the 2nd most important QTL, called Ma QTL8 using a next generation sequencing (NGS) based approach.

The selection will be made based on the makeup of the Ma1 genotypes to be determined by marker CAPS1455.

We will use the Fluidigm Access Array System for high throughput targeted genome sequencing.

However, genetic improvement of fruit quality has been challenging as apple tree has a long juvenile phase (>3 y) and fruit quality is a combination of many complex traits, including fruit size, texture, fruit acidity and many others.

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