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I include below some material that the late John Brockman published on his website, Edge.org, along with a few other interesting ideas that I found while reading Science at the Edge.

All the authors cited below have books to their credit.

Historians tend to avoid this subject like the plague, because of its apparently racist overtones.

Many people, or even most people, assume that the answer involves biological differences in average IQ among the world's populations, despite the fact that there is no evidence for the existence of such IQ differences.

A Note from Sarah-Neena-Koch: Depending on your background, some essays in this book may be easier to understand than others.

I particularly enjoyed the essays related to evolutionary biology.

Or, you could read his book on the topic—Guns, Germs, and Steel.Mac Lean, Malcolm Macmillan, Aubrey Manning and Marian Stamp Dawkins, Stephen C. The tubes that boys need are called the 'Wolffian' ducts and the tubes that girls need are called the 'Mullerian' ducts.This is how Mullerian inhibiting substance got its name—one of its main jobs in boys is to destroy the Mullerian ducts.You need only to understand human nature, not to change it." From "Natural-Born Cyborgs," by Andy Clark: "For we shall be cyborgs not in the superficial sense of combining flesh and wires but in the more profound sense of being human/technology symbionts—thinking and reasoning systems whose minds and selves are spread across biological brain and nonbiological circuitry." page 72 From "What Shape are a German Shepherd's Ears? Kosslyn "But my particular brain or your particular brain is the way it is not only because of the particular genes we have but also because of the way the environment up-regulated or down-regulated those genes during development, sculpting our brains certain ways, and because of the ways our genes respond to environmental and endogenous challenges." page 146 By the middle of the 1800s, chemists established that many natural products were made of just three elements: carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.These molecules are the fundamental substances of organic chemistry and turned out to be the building blocks of DNA, which would not be discovered until the next century. Taylor, writes: "A very different book, verging on a novel in style with the discipline of a reference text.

It's universal and unchanging, common to every baby that's born, down through the history of our species.

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