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Welcome to our Egypt Live Streaming Webcams Portal.

View all the live streaming video cameras operating in Egypt.

Miss Logan, who had previously worked for Britain's morning news programme GMTV, is one of at least 140 correspondents who have been injured or killed since January 30 while covering the unrest in Egypt, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Mob: CNN's Anderson Cooper was filmed by his crew as they were attacked by pro-Mubarak supporters in Egypt. Last night he sent Miss Logan his best wishes via Twitter Prior to Mubarak stepping down, the Egyptian military had been rounding up members of the press for their own safety after several were stabbed, punched, kicked, marched back to their hotel by gunpoint or hijacked in their cars.

Schoolfriends remember her as keen on public speaking, swimming and martial arts.We're beside ourselves worrying that they'll make an example of her.'She’s gone through the worst pain imaginable - she’s going through hell.'I’ve been out twice to see her and going out again so I can see her on Thursday.' Mrs Plummer was held for five hours at the airport with no interpreter.She then signed a statement she believed would allow her to leave.Mrs Plummer is said to still be wearing the same clothes she flew out in and was handcuffed to a gun-wielding policeman when she first appeared in court.

Watch live streaming broadcast quality Egyptian cameras showcasing famous and well known landmarks in Egypt.

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