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Prior to the beginning of 1911 it was the practice to have, save in certain instances, a separate form of ticket from each station to every other station.That was, and is, the system in use on the main lines, but on short-distance urban railways, traffic is much denser, and the much shorter intervals between trains necessitates speeding up the issue of tickets to a degree not required at either a great terminus or a country station.The tickets, which were printed on cardboard and serially numbered, were inserted in vertical compartments, one for each station, the compartments themselves being divided by horizontal partitions so as to keep distinct the tickets for different classes of passenger.A spiral spring kept the contents in position, and enabled the easy withdrawal of one ticket without disturbing the remainder.It is, however, necessary at times to issue a card or paper ticket on which the name of the arrival station is written, if bookings to the particular destination from the point of departure are unusual.On issue, tickets are stamped with the date, and since this means two printings, at different times and places, many machines have been designed for printing tickets at the moment of issue, thus effecting a considerable saving in time.In this type the passenger does not operate the machine, which is worked electrically after he has inserted his money.Before leaving these earlier devices, reference should be made to the passimeter booking office.

Although its use thus materially lightens the work of the booking office, it does not eliminate the human element in ticket issuing, since, as mentioned above, so large a proportion of passengers require change.In the “Rolltic” the tickets are in the form of a long strip and are suspended on spindles, and the machine is of two types, issuing six and eight varieties of tickets respectively.The “Rolltic” rolls represent 1,000 tickets, while those on the “Automaticket” are inserted in bundles of 2,000.The inconveniences of the primitive paper ticket and of the clerical work involved by its use soon became evident, and the first material improvement was due to Thomas Edmondson, then a chief booking clerk on the Manchester and Leeds, whose machine was first employed on the Liverpool and Manchester, and shortly afterwards, in an improved form, introduced on the Manchester and Leeds, and London and Blackwall, where it was adopted in or about 1840.To all intents and purposes, Edmondson invented the system of to-day in its main outlines.

In addition it issues such special varieties as tickets for soldiers at reduced rates, and for dogs accompanied by passengers.

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