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The Northville Placid Trail was my first true backpacking adventure.I spent a lot of time planning and researching it and it is my hope that others will be able to use this trip report to assist in their planning and preparations for the NPT or another similar trail.I hope to meet some of the folks over there in real life at some point and also give back to the group and volunteer to do some trail work. I was visiting with a relative last summer and we got to talking about backpacking and how much we would both love to get into it more.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the Cold River was actually not that cold and we could swim at the base of the falls.

What I learned from the NPT is that I need to do a lot more training before I can tackle the Long Trail, which is widely considered to be the most difficult thru hike in the US.

I began researching backpacking trails and as soon as I read about the Northville Placid Trail I knew it would be a great trail to start out on.

Here my dad is trying to help us get it all together, in the rain, and our friend Michele gives a thumbs up.

Michele section hiked from Lake Placid to Long Lake with us.

Everything I do I do a little obsessively and planning for this trip was no exception.

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