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She showed them to her husband but Chapin wasn't too interested in it at the time.

However, once his son was born, Chapin realized the power of the words and what they meant to him personally.

For further examples, check the following link: Urban Dictionary Song 1974?

I was familiar with this expression as a child (70 years ago) in relation to the string game. Warned of this when putting first born outside in pram in good weather.

– Hot Licks Mar 23 at A book Cat's Cradle from 1881: amazon.com/Cats-Cradle-Children-Edward-Willett/dp/B0010P048C – Hot Licks Mar 23 at This gives some interesting history: interesting history – Hot Licks Mar 23 at @Hot Licks I knew some people who played (or whatever it is you do with) cat's cradle like 15 years ago (and we were kids).

– JMac Mar 23 at @JMac - Well, our kids didn't play it, nor any of their friends that I know of.

Presumably ones that the father in the story never had time to read to the child.

The silver spoon is assumed to be the one the dish ran away with. Frank Baum's first children's book, Mother Goose in Prose (1897) The man in the moon is a nursery rhyme The line 'The Cat's in the Cradle was, to my mind, a reference to 'The Cats and the Cradle', a Dutch Fairy tale Without knowing the context of how it was used in the tv show, it's hard to know whether they were simply referring to the song, or if they intended meaning from the Fairy Tale the song is (I believe) referring to.

This theory is of far more recent coinage than the bit of lore it purports to explain, though, coming into fashion no earlier than the 20th century (while the “smother” belief dates to at least the 1700s).

(Given free choice between plain water and a bowl of milk, cats generally head for the water unless milk has been the only liquid offered to them from weaning onwards.

Put more simply, unless the cat has been taught to like milk, it generally won’t seek out that substance on its own.) Another theory advanced as to why a cat would want to harm a baby relates to the jealousy the pet will supposedly experience when the little bundle from heaven is brought into the household.

Not the sucking, but cat curling up against face of sleeping child.

"The Cat's in the Cradle" is an old Harry Chapin song, and I've always assumed that that particular phrase originated with the song.

You needed to be taught by someone, and that was generally an older kid or that strange aunt of yours.

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