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Unfortunately, many of us are victims of a society influenced by advertising industry hype that encourages falsehoods and leads us believe that there are advantages and rewards to be gained through misrepresentation.

These singles are sometimes low investment-low involvement singles with little to lose for their folly. Fearful participants who may lack the courage to meet you.According to various reports, a high percentage of people misrepresent something about themselves when trying to meet another person through personal ads, 900 number phone lines and web-based dating services.This causes a lot of frustration and disappointment for everyone involved, including the person who misrepresents him/herself in the first place.It's OK to use an older photo if getting a more recent one proves difficult, but it should be identified as such.For example, a photo taken in 2001 and submitted in 2003 should designate 2001 as the year the photo was taken and will be listed as: Year Photo Taken: 2001 Please keep in mind that the classification Undated will include some photos that have been taken quite some time ago, so you may want to ask the person how old the photo is before meeting them.

A member may also initiate inactive status with reactivation privileges for a period of time if they enter into an exclusive relationship with someone, or if they temporarily don't want to consider any new relationship prospects for other reasons. More complete and relevant information about members is available than you're likely to find elsewhere, as a result of the various unique information requirements and options available through our program.

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    The first time you hang out, it’s probably not on a formal date.

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