Dream gallery online dating as a commodity

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Unlike social networks which specify in connecting people, the outlet of online dating concentrates on igniting romantic and sometimes sexual, relationships.Over the past years, online dating has exponentially grown in popularity and has even shown signs of success; but when comparing the traditional face-to-face way of meeting people with computer-mediated relationships, the authenticity of virtual liaisons are questionable.An individual will pursue a relationship on the premise that it will be rewarding and that the positive outcomes will outweigh the negative (Merkle & Richardson, 2000).Rewarding relationships are attached with intimate feelings such as happiness, compassion, admiration etc.Do virtual interpersonal relationships hold the same standards and the same levels of importance as traditional relationships?

Natasha Lappos Jeannette Novakovich English 213/ 4D Comparing Self-Disclosure in Online Dating and Traditional Dating Love is a complex and abstract concept; yet, this arbitrary and sometimes, illusive notion is one of the most sought after conquests amongst humans.It is important for us, as social beings, to build these associations and disclose our personal details, in order for us to feel connected to the peers around us, for us to feel intimately about others and to have those feelings returned. Most beings need to develop relationships and some use different mediums to do so.Although these two mediums differ in the manor of communication, those who take part in offline and online interaction are similar in the sense that they are looking for and will most likely only pursue rewarding relationships. Nevertheless, their differences do lay in each event’s importance.We are social beings that, through interaction, search for relationships, continually establish relationships and end relationships.With exceptions in mind, it is not a generalization to state that relationships do encompass most of peoples’ lives.

We are constantly ─over a lifetime─ experiencing the cycle of developing them, in hopes of ultimately finding relatedness, establishing connections, companionships and conquering the field of love.

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