Dota 2 cache validating

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And I got here a reference which can me run this game without any trouble, that is exactly from valve. Have you installed the proprietary ATI fglrx drivers? Open "Additional Drivers" and see if it's available.

By the way sir, I will ask further more question about installing this game dota, my OS ubuntu now just fresh from reformat and I am done with the sudo update and upgrade.

Do not run this process for multiple games at the same time.

If you are experiencing a bug or issue with voice and sound, including hero dialog playing at an incorrect time (i.e. " when casting a spell), or cues that seem to be missing entirely, please verify your game cache files and re-test the bug before filing a bug report.

It messes up everything; make you wait or worse, redownload and downgrade the version/files of games which uses launchers.

So, how to disable/prevent Steam to automatically and randomly validate game caches/files?

I already downloaded the 6.8 GB and I will need a better time to test back another verify cause I afraid its gonna redownload the 6.8 GB file again.

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