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Dating on the Dork Side is a quick and hilarious read about what happens when one of the smartest girls in school stumbles upon a website that just happens to be all about the girls in her school - and not in a good way. The jocks are the kings of the kingdom and the cheerleaders, pom squad and other popular gi Oh, the ins and outs of dating and high school.Honestly, I don't miss those days often, but books like Dating on the Dork Side make me a little bit nostalgic.and unexpected friendships and relationships spring from the chaos.The first two-thirds of this book is simply fantastic! The last third isn't as strong, as the plot goes down a predictable (the creator of the wiki), head-scratching (the "evil" teacher who apparently goes through a personality transplant in Camy's disciplinary meeting), and unbelievable (the aforementioned disciplinary meeting and its aftermath) path.Suddenly Elle and the popular girls are ready to take a stand.

The cutest boy in school might just have a thing for the resident nerd.

She's able to hack in once he leaves (his password isn't particularly difficult to guess), and what she discovers turns her world upside down: it's a wiki called "The Hotties of Troy," and most of the girls in school—including Camy—have pages devoted to them.

After Camy alerts Elle, the school's most popular girl, to the presence of the wiki, the girls band together to get back at the boys ...

Their unified voice creates believable characters that are guaranteed to remind you of someone you went to high school with (or even of yourself).

Their books are smart and easy to read, with stories that move forward without a lot of the fluff that seems to come out in YA books sometimes.

But with the Homecoming dance looming, everyone from the queen bee to the girl “most likely to” pushes Camy to hook them up with guys from the nerd herd.

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