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That’s not to say French women don’t tan or dye their hair, but it just seems to be more prevalent among American women.

Among the dress code for French women is the lingerie!

It’s tough because as I said in the disclaimer, it’s related to my personal experience, and most of all, because Diane is American, and considering that aside from her and her family, I don’t know any American women well.

But I’ve visited many times and watch a lot of American TV, so I’m qualified to answer although I’d better watch what I’m going to state here!!!

That was really surprising for me, because in my mind we were more than just dating — we were partners and had been for a while, so I was almost shocked by what I heard — that to her, we were just dating.

And even got my favorite frozen yogurt and RAN over a mile back to the hotel to get it in the mini fridge before it melted in the LA heat.) I first thought it was about Diane, something she wanted, but I soon realized that the same was going on for all her friends.

American women seem to be more attached to norms in a relationship process, whereas I think that French women don’t focus that much on the steps (people don’t really get engaged nowadays before getting married and having kids in France).

They can live a happy relationship without having to follow the “code.” (Diane’s note: It was never a lifelong dream of mine to get married and have a big wedding, but because of our circumstances, we felt marriage was the right step to take so we could live together since we knew we wanted to be together anyway.

I figured since we only do this once, we might as well get engaged, get a ring and have a little wedding!

I have to admit that I was surprised that American women (at least for the one I know best!

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