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Take a look at our amazing subliminal software- Subliminal Flash.

It "reprograms" your subconscious mind using hidden subliminal messages, imprinting affirmations directly into your mind, making you charismatic, attractive, sexy.

To improve your self-esteem and retrain your subconscious mind for total success? Reprogram your subconscious mind with these free subliminal videos: Subliminal Session #1.

This will help you come up with ways that are far better than the earlier ones you used so that you felt more confident and charming. Would you like to attract the opposite sex with ease?This Dating Healing & Relaxation CD has a dating meditation, a dating invocation/prayer, a dating chakra alignment exercise and a series of dating affirmations.These are four tools that can help you to gain confidence, centeredness and a positive mindset before your date!When a would-be partner cuts off communication without explanation, they are, in effect, dead to you.They are a corpse, for all intents and purposes: gone, never to call, text or try and communicate from the other side. That's not to say that ghosts don't exist in the realm of online dating.

Last summer, I dated a Spin instructor in his mid-30s.

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