Dating your mason jar

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We’ve created a label for the top of the bottle (wide mouth mason jar), a label for the jar, and a tag with all of the fun date details.

This would be the perfect gift idea for your spouse!

I stopped into a local vintage shop looking for some vintage postcards for a future blog post recently.

Any time I stop I always ask if he has mason jars, Im a sucker for the vintage jars, I collect the blue ones.

Finding activities and dates that you and your sweetheart both enjoy can become a bit daunting, and sometimes the easiest thing to do is a good ‘ol classic dinner and a movie. Nevertheless, the repetitive dinner and a movie can become somewhat BOR-ing. we’ve come up with a creative and EASY way to blast your date night routine to the next level.

Dating mason jars can be tough sometimes, you have to go by the logo, some stages of the logo went for years so it make the jars tougher to ‘exact’ date. Thats a single priced jar today, close to it anyways.

We will share that expertise with you and all the visitors to our site. This site will be totally commercial free with no fees to pay.

Stop by and visit our Antique Mall in West St Paul, Minnesota. This is a new website for us at West St Paul Antiques. I'll be working on this site over time so bear with me.

That said, I did find this doing research trying to date these jars, Im guessing late 60’s based on this fun find! I found this old newspaper ad from via the Clovis News-Journal, a paper in New Mexico. Its interesting looking at these old ads, if that was only the price today!

and as we read and study about history and antiques we also strive to be historians.

Half the lids have a bit of rust spots and others are perfect. One Im going to paint and send to a blogger friend, she has promoted me several times on her blog, And she bought mason jars from me! Its one of my favorite style jars, they are a bit more square with ribs.

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