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Anyway, it gives me opportunity to meet friends, listen to scholars and learn new facts.

In the onward progress of human history, we did imagibe a society of free of oppression, just and egalitarian.

In AP, it is learnt that SC political leaders have set up political colleges, but, they do not give seats to SC, as they cannot give any donation.

Then, why they pose as saviours of SC and gain political clout for their selfishness and profiteering.

: The department of History organized a National Seminar on “Social Justice and the Marginalized in South India: Experiences and Challenges” held on 30-31 July 2016 at the premises of C. Paper presenters had come from New Delhi, Andhraparadesh, Telengana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and other parts of India.

The last dates for the submission of abstract and full papers were fixed as July 20 evening itself and they were taken to different lodges and accommodated immediately.

The presence of social movement ensured better opportunities for the marginalized and championed the idea of social justice. w=468" class="wp-image-645 size-full" src=" w=468" alt="Seminar inagurated - invocation - Vande mataram" srcset=" Ramakrishna Rao, Director, Department of Archaeology and Museums, Govt. P as a Chief Guest succintly touched upon the issues of “Social Justice”. According to him there was a need for a review of the scheme of reservation to assess as to which of the sub-castes in the list of the Scheduled Castes benefited the most and a sub-quota provided in favour of the most deprived Dalit communities[6].

They should pray for mercy and favour from the touchables.Experiences showed that the benefits of reservation went only to a few well-educated families in the politically-dominant SC communities and real poor SC families were left out of the development process, Mr. : If this is true, it is very serious and why the SCs opporess and supress their own brethren has to be analyzed.Generally, the SC leaders always make hue and cry about the status of SC all ober India.In India the idea of social justice everyday challenged by the unequal social order defined by caste identity of members in society.The understanding on justice in India was performing caste duty that is observance of enforcement of Hindu law which Ambedkar says Hindu laws are made by touchables in order to create an order.

Different thematic sessions on social justice and marginalized communities engage with the emergence of social justice to the challenges posed in the contemporary times. w=300" data-large-file=" A sub-quota on the lines of the one provided for Arunthathiyars in Tamil Nadu could be evolved to improve the lot of the deprived Dalit groups, who should be entitled to a mandatory sub-quota of 3 per cent or so and also claim their share in the general quota for SCs, he opined[7].

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